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site owners are patsyjo and jilly


I was driven to build this website because for the first time in my life I saw an actor who had everything: looks, presence,sex appeal,talent by the bucket load and even more impressive; when I met him he had personality too. Quoting his girlfriend Natalie Casey, "there are a lot of men with pretty faces but that is as far as it goes. Jason is a fantastic guy who is also so domesticated he even irons great".

This site is a tribute to him and to the rest of the talented actors and actresses who played 'Musgroves' in Brookside. They were never given enough time for their characters to develop and were axed suddenly and without much notice, causing mayhem in the storyline.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site and will return often. Feel free to use the message board and chatroom. Don't forget to leave a message in our guestbook. Nothing more to say except....ENJOY!


I was asked by patsyjo to assist her with this site and believe me, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I struck up an internet friendship with her over our love for the Musgrove family. I believe they were the family Brookside needed to return the soap to its former glory. Sadly, due to poor decision making and internal arguing from MTV, the family were axed just as they were begining to become established as a popular unit.

Primarily, I was intrigued by the tall and slim, good looking Irishman. His first appearance, on the doorstep of number 8, made me stop trying to do two things at once, while Brookie's on in the background. I remember starring at the screen. Are those eyelashes real? That voice and accent, the way he walks.....Jason Kavanagh had come into my life. He has one of the strongest screen presence I have seen in a long while.
As another fan once wrote; "with Jason it's a girlie thing, you can't explain it."

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