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Luke's story so far:


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Luke's story so far:
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His Nightmares

Luke was born in Ireland to Niamh and Joey,on the 10th March 1978.As they were not married at the time,and Niamh was only 17, they decided that Luke should be raised by Joey's sister,Rose and her husband Don, as their own child. Leaving him in Dublin, they set up house in Liverpool. At the age of 12,Luke found letters addressed to him from his parents.They told him how much they loved him and missed him.He left his aunt and uncle to look for his parents and brothers and sister.He also needed answers......
Following his arrival on to the close,after his youngest brother Matt had flooded their family home,Luke settled in to No 8. His grandfather was already a tenant,lodging with Sinbad who kindly allowed the family refuge in their hour of need. He had managed to secure a second job as a life- guard, at the Leisure centre of the soon to be opened Millenium club.Recently split from his latest girlfriend, Luke had lost no time in chatting up the girls. He became good friends with Katie but his eye soon caught that of his neighbour, Nikki Shadwick. The families had struck up a friendship when Nikki's dad had offered to help them repair the water damage in their home.
Everything in Luke's life changed,when on December 23rd 1998,he went along to the unplanned party at Mick Johnson's.
His brother Ryan,recently back from working abroad,and Matt joined him at the party.Nikki, merry from her evening out with the uni crowd was being harrassed by another student, Harvey Fairhurst. Luke went to her rescue, much to the fury of Nikki's besotted admirer.It wasn't long after that Luke and Nikki found each other upstairs and began kissing.Both seemed to be keen on each other and Luke took her into the bedroom.Nikki seemed very content with Luke's kisses but when he tried to take it further she moved away and told him she was not interested. Both returned to the party and within half an hour of Nikki's return,she began to feel ill and could hardly move.Stumbling against Luke,as she lurched forward, she grabbed him by his shirt,knocking his drink over him as she fell.
Taken upstairs by Mike Dixon, she laid down on the bed in the room she had earlier been in with Luke.When she awoke the next day, sore and disorientated with an empty condom packet nearby, she realised she had been raped.Dressing quickly and stripping the bed of it's linen she runs home, disgarding the dirty sheets in a skip.
The list of suspects seemed endless.With the characteristic flashbacks associated with drug rape,Nikki condemned Luke as her attacker.He was arrested and held in custody to await trial.While in prison he was so badly beaten he had to be hospitalised.It was while he was in hospital he decided to escape.Luke cannot believe he will be found innocent and is scared of going back to prison for a crime he did not commit.
Failing to reach Ireland, he hid in the close.Once again, his life was turned upside down when his aunt and uncle, over from Ireland, try to help him.He learnt that all the guilt his father experienced for giving him away to his sister, came about after he had encouraged Rose to have a back street abortion leaving her sterile.Luke's unscheduled arrival gave him the opportunity to appease her by giving her his son. Luke was mortified by this revelation and believed his parents, especially his father had treated him like a parcel or peace offering. After the rows that followed, Luke decided to give himself up and stand trial.
He was found innocent of both the crime of rape and of administering the drug.However, he was sentenced to serve six months for absconding from prison.
Bitter and down Luke returned to the close.He was greeted by distrust and loathing,with Nikki still claiming he is guilty.Despite going to Ireland for a break, on his return, their reaction seemed no easier.He managed to find employment at the garage with his father, but still felt himself to be a loser.Katie, till now a good friend of his and girlfriend of Ryan,switched her affections to Luke, after some brotherly disagreement.
Trying to get on with life,Luke was still shadowed by Nikki and her accusations.Her recent loss of both her father and brother had unhinged her and she had taken to the bottle. She believed Luke to be guilty of everything bad that had happened to her.Confronting him on the anniversary of her ordeal,she attacked him with a broken bottle, after spiking his drink had failed.Still denying his involvment, she threatened to commit suicide.Horrified at her increasing hatred of him,Luke knows he will never convince her of his innocence......